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Welcome to Drawn to Hold's website!


We are two Stuffy loving sisters, (Tori & Kylie),

and have been sculpting fabric since March of 2012.

Kylie is a professional teaching artist and landscape painter and enjoys collaborating with young artists to transform their two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional forms. Tori handles everything that slows the creative process down as well as the helping with the finishing touches once the Stuffy is brought to life!


              "What is a D2H Stuffy?" A "D2H Stuffy" is your child’s imagination going from paper to plush! It’s a custom designed stuffed form whether it be animal, car, tree, boat, princess, dragon, or anything else the young artist can dream onto paper!


We will take your child's drawing

and give it to them to hold!


               As a reminder- These are 100% customizable collaborations between child and fabric artist, Kylie. We do not replicate or sew copyrighted drawings although we know that young artists do tend to draw inspiration from the world they experience. We prefer to sew ideas from the depths of their imaginations! We will spend an embarassing long time working on your child's project with the hope that we can recreate their vision!


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